REHIS Elementary Food & Health

REHIS Elementary Food & Health

The REHIS (Royal Environmental Health Institute for Scotland) Elementary Food & Health course is for those that have an interest in gaining a better understanding of nutrition in general and that are working directly and indirectly with food, including caterers working towards the Healthy Living Award scheme.

Course Contents

– Consider the barriers to eating a healthy diet.
– Explore the consequences of eating habits on health.
– Understand the role of carbohydrates, protein, fat and fibre.
– Understand the implications of fluid and alcohol intake.
– Understand the role of minerals and trace elements.
– Understand energy balance and its influence on body weight.
– Understand that different people have different needs for energy.
– Appreciate the influence of gender and age on energy balance.
– Recognise that certain groups have specific nutritional needs.
– Consider food in chronic diseases.
– Appreciate the influences of life circumstances on dietary habits.
– Use the Eating for Health plate model.
– Identify different ways of preparing and cooking foods for a healthy diet.
– Identify and assess the nutritional information on a food label.
– Demonstrate a good understanding of food and psychological wellbeing, social relationships and self-esteem.
– Recognise that food has a role in food allergy, cancer, coronary heart disease and osteoporosis.

Assessment & Certification:

On successful completion of the course, a National Accredited Certificate in Elementary Food and Health will be issued by the Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland (REHIS).


6 Hours



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